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Kenway Engineering has developed unique AC and heat solutions for a wide range of machines, including cabs with 360 degree rotation capability or where the cab is a very long distance from the engine. For example: Our hydraulic drive systems can provide both heat and AC without the need of long AC and heater lines or passing incompatible fluids like refrigerant and engine coolant through a hydraulic swivel. Our units are powered by your machine’s hydraulic system. We will work with you to integrate our unit into your hydraulic system in the most cost effective way.

Freeze desalination of seawater using direct contact freezing and melting heat transfer has long been known to be very energy efficient. However, practical dificulties and developmental mishaps have blocked commercial success. The unsuitability of conventional refrigerant compressors for use in freeze desalination plants has been a major obstacle. The recent invention and development of the hydraulic refrigerant compressor now provides an excellent solution to the compressor problem, and the advantages are such as to make reconsideration of freeze desalination worthwhile. Herein suitable candidates are described for each of the principal system components including the hydraulic refrigerant compressors, and the characteristics of a resulting freeze desalination system are discussed. Do you want to read the rest of this publication? Request full-text


Hydraulics, Refrigeration & compressor

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