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Sprague S-216-J Pump Sprague Products offers a variety of industrial Valves Casting, hydraulic pumps or various liquid output pressure up to 33,500 psi (2311 bar). Sprague Products pumps service water, oil and most corrosive chemicals. Sprague Products pumps are rugged, service-proven and virtually maintenance-free. The Sprague Products positive-displacement type pump converts air inlet pressure to hydraulic output pressure. The pump uses low pressure air to act on a large area piston to produce high hydraulic pressure with a small area piston.

Valve solutions include the 2600 Series. The 2600 Series valves are ASME certified for air, steam and water use. With Steel body and bonnet with stainless steel trim the 2600 is available in sized from 1' x 2" to 20" x 24". Effective orifice areas from 0.110 to 159 square inches, pressures from 15 psig to 6000 psi, an temperature range from 450 °F to +1500 °F. Optional materials of construction include complete 316 stainless steel, Monel and Hastelloy C, compliant with NACE standards. Other industrial valve solutions include the 2700 Series and the 3800 Series.


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